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Casino Cruise: 55 Free Pokies Spins (No Deposit)

This multi-software casino brings Australian players pokies and games from NetEnt, Microgaming, NYX Gaming, Play ‘N Go and more. Hop on board with 55 no deposit free spins!

With more entertainment on board than a five star cruise, Casino Cruise know exactly what their customers are looking for…a boatload of top pokies!

Get 155 Free Spins + 150% Bonus


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New Pokies Bonuses

Online Pokies Bonuses

PlayFrank Casino: 100 Bonus Pokie Spins

What do us Aussie casino players love more than anything? Free spins that’s what! Here are 100 bonus spins for super cool casino PlayFrank to enjoy!


When it comes to casinos, frankly my dear, we do give a damn! PlayFrank Casino doesn’t mess around when it comes to their extensive pokie collection! Enjoy online pokies from Microgaming, IGT, NetEnt, NYX Gaming and more!

100 Free Spins + $200 Bonus


Online Pokies and Casino Tips

Ok let’s start with the facts. Don’t be under any illusions!

  1. Pokies pay out less than they take – this is a fact and you should never forget it.
  2. Gamblers don’t typically make rational decisions – casinos know this and they encourage you to act irrationally.
  3. Losing streaks, winning streaks and giant jackpots all happen at random – don’t fall victim to the ‘gambler’s fallacy’.
  4. Never…NEVER play more than you can afford to lose. If things are getting too heavy, stop. You have to learn when to say no in order to win in the long term.

Ok? I think that about covers the basics. Now let’s move on to the good stuff. The good news is that in common with all forms of gambling, even though probability is not on your side, you can win big!

Online Pokies Playing Tips

  1. Try to find pokies with a good payout percentage, also known as the ‘Return to Player’ or RTP. This typically means playing at online casinos – for example, Jackpot City online casino pays out at 97%. Land based casinos typically set their pokie machines to pay out at around 80-90%. Pubs set their pokies to pay out at anything down to 60-70%. Do pubs and land casinos give you free cash bonuses, weekly free spins and other goodies? Err…no. So if you’re playing to win, play online. Simple.
  2. Determine a playing strategy, and stick to it. Only if you stick to the plan can you refine and improve it! Learning what return to expect from a $1000 deposit match bonus can mean the difference between walking away with many hours of play with a reasonable return, and playing yourself into a hole. The more you learn, the more you can develop your strategies.
  3. Collect bonuses! Sounds obvious, but you can take advantage of opportunities to win big. Casinos all offer introductory bonuses, but some are better than others when it comes to VIP bonuses, weekly play bonuses and tournaments.They all add up to a lot of $$$!
  4. Check the wager and withdrawal limits – don’t get stuck at a casino you hate with boring pokies and a massive bank roll you can’t cash out! To make the most of bonuses you MUST learn to work the bonuses to your advantage.
  5. Select low to mid variance slots for a more secure return. High variance slots can respond well to strategic play that aims to leverage bonuses. Choose what feels right to you. The longer you play slots, the more likely you are to seek out high variance games that offer the thrill of a big win…so maybe stick with low variance until you get bored 😀